PLC High Speed A historical and strategic mile-stone

Since its appearance on the market in early 2000, and notably its original version operating at 14 Mbps (HomePlug® 1.0), PLC has been adopted by the Home Environment and allowed sharing internet connectivity, notably DSL. Over a short time span, network access offerings and services have exploded and higher performance in terms of Data, VoIP, IPTV, VoD is an essential requirement.


The PLC has adapted itself to become a technological reference for high speed data transmission which started at 14 Mbps and rose to 85 Mbps. From 85 Mbps it targeted 200 Mbps !

Today the latest PLC communication protocols strive to attain theoretical levels of 1 Gbps and beyond ! Future services such high definition TV will be based upon this technology and the home environment will transform into Services On Demand for multi-users in any location or room in the home. LAN has strategically positioned itself with PLC and together we are forming the solid foundation for tomorrow’s technology.

PLC = Power Line Communication


Our areas of expertise


Network Performance Evaluation :

  • Traffic generation
  • Signal loss evaluation
  • Latency evaluation, delay, jitter


Measure and characterisation of electrical PLC interface

  • Impedance measure
  • Measure of electromagnetic interference
  • Measures of stability due to radio electric disturbances (noise, propagation frequency selectivity)


Test bench design using PLC instrumentation

  • Point to point
  • CEM confinement
  • Automation of measuring test beds