Energy control


Energy Control and conservation, a prerequisite in our society

High speed networking in homes has influenced and changed our life styles; we have information and services at our fingertips. Our social habits and even our culture have taken a new path. We are better informed. Interestingly our relationship with energy has not significantly changed over the last few decades.

Our homes are better insulated, and better equipped.
We are more ecologically minded, but the majority of us do not yet have tools to be energy conscious. Our homes do not have equipment for discerning our energy consumption in real time, or be able to monitor energy consumption by electrical appliance and control it.
All this is going to change. We will be able to control our appliances so we can live in better comfort, reducing wastage and manage our energy requirements.

Home equipment will become “intelligent”.
The development is this market will require considerable integration, solid standards to which manufacturers comply, and of course certification. New standards will emerge and existing standards may well have to adapt.
The “Laboratoire des Applications Numériques “ will be a fore-runner in the integration work associated with ensuring best practices for interoperability

Evaluation, Testing, Certifying…